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About Us

The role of nutrition in cancer prevention and treatment has been increasingly recognized by the healthcare professionals, patients and the public. It is recently suggested that nutritional therapy may become first-line therapy that should be integrated into comprehensive, systematic management plan for patients with cancer and adjusted to meet individual needs during treatment. Nutritional intervention should be considered as a critical component in personalized medicine.

We have been long interested in establishing nutritional oncology as new science bridging nutrition and oncology and to facilitate the translation of recent progress made in bench research in nutrition and cancer biology to bedside patient care in clinical oncology. With the launching of the inaugural issue of a newly established academic journal, Journal of Nutritional Oncology (JNO), we hope to provide an international platform to academic researcher and clinicians who have an interest in nutritional oncological sciences for an open, interactive and comprehensive exchange in information on basic, clinical and translational research and development in the fields related to nutritional intervention for cancer prevention and therapy.

As an official journal of the International Society for Cancer Metabolism and Nutrition (ISCMN), JNO is an international, open-access, peer reviewed academic journal that aims to highlight latest development in basic, clinical, and translation researches in the fields of cancer metabolism, nutrition, and nutritional intervention. JNO is published quarterly and will consider original articles and timely reviews in all nutrition-related cancer research fields, including carcinogenesis, cancer prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and home-care researches, covering various disciplines, such as epidemiology, endocrinology, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, genetics, energetics, pharmacology, and toxicology, to address key issues related to oncological sciences, such as human nutrition, diet, nutrients, inflammation, metabolism, aging, nutritional disorders, cachexia, sarcopenia, healthcare, and public health policy. JNO accepts original researches, reviews, case reports, commentaries, book reviews, perspectives, and short communications.